Mar 5, 2010

Add All Your Friends To A Facebook Fan Page Or Group

Recently, John Chow made a post (found here) showing us all how to use a little JavaScript trickery to do what normally would be a rather tedious task on Facebook, inviting ALL of your friends to a group or fan page. If you read through the comments made on his post, you’ll notice quite a few people saying the method is dead. I beg to differ!

To resurrect this method and to help John Chow and his hearty following, I’ve come up with 2 simple alternatives to help you continue to easily do this task without resorting back to clicking on each and every one of your friends. The first method uses the same code John posted, but very slightly altered to ensure that it works every time. Here’s how to implement it, if you’re a FireFox user, without having to paste the code into the URL bar every time:

Step 1: Enable your Bookmarks Toolbar (if it isn’t already)

1a: Right-click the menu bar and make sure there is a check next to “Bookmarks Toolbar”

Step 2: Add a new bookmark to the toolbar

2a: Right-click the Bookmarks Toolbar and select “New Bookmark…”

Step 3: Edit the bookmark properties

3a: Type a short name for your bookmark (shorter is better!)

3b: Paste the following, slightly modified, JavaScript snippet into the “Location” setting

3c: Click the “Add” button (you should have noticed your newly made button by now)


That’s all there is to it! You can go test it out now. If you find that this method still no longer works for you, then Facebook is up to its silly little games again. They seem to roll-out changes to people at different times. For me, this method is still alive and well. If you can’t use this method, here’s another simple alternative for you FireFox users:

Step 1: Install the Greasemonkey extension (found here)

Step 2: Install this Greasemonkey script (found here)

Yup, simple as clicking the install buttons found on each of those sites. If you’ve followed all the steps correctly, you should now have 2 working methods to select all your friends on Facebook. Happy inviting!

As you may have noticed, I’ve only explained how to use these methods using FireFox instead of Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, or Google Chrome. While they may work in alternative browsers, I haven’t tested. The only browser I use is FireFox. Please feel free to tryout the other browsers and let me know how it goes for you. The bookmark method should be cross-compatible with all browsers that support JavaScript. As far as the Greasemonkey method goes, there may or may not be Greasemonkey plugins/extensions for other browsers. If there is, I can’t guarantee my script will work on them. Anyways, if you try other browsers, let me know how it goes.

Dec 11, 2007

Facebook Developer Toolkit

Do you have a Facebook account and want to do more with it? Start creating cool, fun Windows applications and Web sites with the Facebook Developer Toolkit. This toolkit offers you a huge amount of easy-to-use components and controls, plus ready-to-run samples and detailed documentation to get you started. With Visual Studio Express Editions and the Facebook Developer Toolkit, you'll have the tools you need to get going today!

The Facebook Developer Toolkit is a full complement of components, controls and samples for developing applications using the Facebook Platform. The kit also includes Visual C# and Visual Basic wrappers for the Facebook API to make application development simple, fun and quick. You can use the Facebook Developer Toolkit to build applications using Windows Forms, ASP.NET or WPF. You can even use the toolkit to take advantage of LINQ.

See How Easy It Is

Explore the QuickStarts to see just how easy it is to develop using the Facebook Developer Toolkit and Visual Studio Express Editions. Watch the walkthrough videos to see how easy it is to build Facebook-enabled applications. You can have an application or website up and running in only a few minutes.

The Facebook Development Toolkit allows you to create applications that you can share with your Facebook friends. Download the toolkit today!

Want to see the Facebook Developer Toolkit in action? Download this sample application that uses the Facebook Developer Toolkit to build a dynamic screensaver with Visual C# Express Edition. Explore the Facebook Developer Toolkit wiki for more details on the toolkit.

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Facebook warned to live up to safety claims

ALBANY, N.Y. - The social networking website Facebook has been warned that it could face a consumer fraud charge for failing to live up to claims that youngsters there are safer from sexual predators than at most sites and that it promptly responds to concerns, a spokesman for New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said yesterday.

Facebook was launched in 2005 by undergraduates at Harvard University, led by Mark Zuckerberg, above.
Facebook was launched in 2005 by undergraduates at Harvard University, led by Mark Zuckerberg, above. (PAUL SAKUMA/ASSOCIATED PRESS/FILE 2007)

"We expect an immediate correction eliminating the dangers exposed by our investigation," said the spokesman, Jeffrey Lerner.

Cuomo announced last week that he had subpoenaed Facebook after he said the company did not respond to many complaints by investigators who were solicited for sex while posing as 12- to 14-year-olds on the site.

Officials from Cuomo's office met with Facebook on Friday after they said Facebook took three days to answer calls and e-mails from state investigators.

An official in Cuomo's office said he and others are scheduled to meet with Facebook representatives this week and anticipate changes will follow immediately.

"We said, 'You have got to make accurate representations on your website,' " said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because court filings have not yet been made. "What we told them is, 'Correct the language describing the site and stop marketing yourself as this pristine website . . . parents have a misimpression. You can't mislead people.' "

Lerner said Facebook's contention of being safer than most sites was accurate when it started out as a closed site 3 1/2 years ago. But it's now much larger, and the safeguards and apparently the response times for complaints aren't what they once were, he said.

There was no immediate response to e-mail and phone messages left for a Facebook representative.

But a statement issued a week ago said the company was concerned about Cuomo's claim that sexual predators could use the site to meet with children.

"We strive to uphold our high standards for privacy on Facebook and are constantly working on processes and technologies that will further improve safety and user control on the site," Facebook spokeswoman Brandee Barker said in the statement.

Do you have a facebook?

Nov 24, 2007

Facebook Tricks

Facebook has been the buzz word in recent times. Well, almost all the social networking sites are getting world’s attention. We are enjoying this wonderful phase web 2.0 and we keep on trying our hands on cool tips and tricks to enhance our web experience. Here i come with some facebook tips and tricks.

See all your friend’s pictures in a tiles format

Login into Facebook and in your facebook sidebar click on the my friends link you will see a drop down box next to show, now hover or rollover your mouse and then click on one of the dashed lines (–). You will see a page full of al the profile pictures of all your facebook friends. The profile photos will be shown in a tiled format. It really looks cool try it.

See creator’s profile

Creator in a facebook community is the first profile created in your community. Generally you can’t search for his profile. But by using this cool facebook trick you can do it, just follow some simple steps. Goto your profile page and look at your id in the url in the address bar of your web browser. The first few numbers represent your school ID, so if you change the rest of the numbers to zero and the last number to one. It will show you the first person or the first profile created from your school, college or work place. This profile is known as “Creator’s” profile. This trick is not much of use, but just in case.

Give wooden look to facebook

This greasemonkey javascript will give your facebook pages an antiquated and wooden look. So, don’t just get stick to old boring design, keep trying out new ones. Facebook wooden look

Automatic Facebook login

Aren’t you fed up of keep on logging into facebook everytime you want to check new messages. This cool greasemonkey javascript will keep you logged into facebook as long as the password is stored in your firefox web browser. Automatic facebook login

Remove annoying Facebook applications

Clean out all those annoying applications people add. This javascript will remove all those crappy applications from any facebook profile you are viewing. The profile were never so cleaner before ;) Facebook applications cleaner

So, that’s all with facebook tips and tricks for today, just stay tuned, you will see many more tricks and hacks shortly.

Facebook Beacon: Time to Start Asking Questions

This afternoon, Peter Kafka proposed how to solve the Facebook Beacon issue. In order to solve a problem, you first need to assume that a problem exists. I for one, think that there is somewhat of a problem that exists. The problem is not Facebook Beacon though. The real issue is privacy. The web has forced upon us a new system in which you can be completely transparent or completely closed off. Fortunately there are some areas that reside in between but that area is for those that understand the tools they are using and have some common sense.

Ultimately, I have no idea how the Facebook Beacon situation is going to end up but what I do know is that Facebook is at the forefront of testing the limits of individuals’ privacy. This is a delicate issue and I’m starting to believe that it may in fact be a dangerous one. At what point do we really say enough is enough? Ultimately we have the ability to turn off the computer, put down the video camera or turn off any other technology that can be used to monitor ourselves. The issue becomes blurry though when it comes to those that don’t understand the technology that they are using.

If my mom goes and makes a purchase at and her purchase, is there a guarantee that it won’t show up in my newsfeed? Currently there isn’t. There is also the chance that my mom didn’t choose to not have the purchase displayed. While Chris Kelly, Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer, says that a box appears after individuals make a purchase, that box can disappear. I have already spoken with a number of individuals who have made purchases and the box didn’t show up (or at least they didn’t see it). If you make a purchase, don’t see the Facebook alert notification and suddenly your friends are notified, is that acceptable?

This accidental problem is going to be one that Facebook will be forced to resolve whether they like it or not. Peter Kafka suggests making the entire system opt-in. I’m not quite sure that will work but I’m also not sure what will. We are witnessing a test of individuals’ privacy limits and there are a few people that (as I have interpreted) are telling others to basically sit down and shut up. This will blow over they say.

While I don’t necessarily think that Facebook’s Beacon program is the ultimate test of individual privacy, I do believe that we are rapidly moving in a direction where some of us need to stand up and ask where the line will be drawn. While I will not suggest where that line falls in this post, we do need to figure it out. Otherwise we will sit down and watch someone else make that decision for us, the same way we so frequently (in this country at least) allow others to make major decisions that we aren’t happy with. The implications of a lack of privacy are significant and slightly frightening.

For Facebook Beacon, I think the question is: does this really makes our life better? Facebook in general has made most of our lives better. We all love connecting. Developers have enjoyed developing. Now marketers can enjoy marketing … in a pretty controversial way. Is this something that you want? Ultimately, the users can decide.



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